Alaska Liberty Bell replica
Alaska Liberty Bell replica

Alaska Liberty Bell replica

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Alaska Liberty Bell replica

Location: Front entrance of the Alaska State Capitol Building
120 E 4th Street
Juneau, AK 99801

Serial Number: 2 (most likely)

Can I ring it? No. The clapper has been removed.

Hours: 24/7 (outdoors)


Alaska Liberty Bell replica plaque
The original accompanying plaque for the Alaska Liberty Bell — removed sometime around 2012.



  1. John Roxburgh

    When I moved here in 1998 the bell still had its clapper. I believe it was removed sometime during the reign of Ramona Barnes, a few weeks after union demonstrators walked through the halls of the Capitol banging pots and pans.

    If you have a legible photograph of the plaque, seen next to the bell in the image above, then I would love to get a copy. Sadly, the plaque has been removed to make room for a dog-sized sarcophagus adorned with the names of officials responsible for the recent restoration of the Capitol building.

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