Other Liberty Bells
Other Liberty Bells

Big things in little towns

{reading time: 8 minutes} Charleston, Illinois is where, in 1858, Senatorial candidate Abraham Lincoln famously refuted his opponent’s accusation that he favored racial equality. But that’s not why we’re in Charleston. We’re here to see the Liberty Bell … (Part 4 of 6)

So much cheese

{reading time: 7 minutes} At the Melting Pot restaurant in Wilmington, the main attraction isn’t getting to cook your own food, it’s the full-size Liberty Bell sitting inexplicably in the lobby …

Good vibrations

{reading time: 12 minutes} The parade features a floating (and erupting) volcano stage, a 200-person roller-skating human pyramid, fast food restaurant workers marching in uniform, the Liberty Bell, and (of course) Patrick Duffy …