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BunBun knows what you fear.
BunBun eats fear. And craps confidence.

Meet BunBun. BunBun and I are about to turn a half-century old. BunBun has had multiple ear reattachment surgeries. BunBun’s favorite song is Don’t Bring Me Down by ELO. BunBun has impeccable taste. 

BunBun is stuffed with sand and shredded something-or-other.
But mostly, he’s stuffed with love. 

Yesterday morning I published my first of 30 daily essays as part of the #Ship30for30 community. It felt good to set sail. But writing on social media (especially Twitter) pushed me out of my comfort zone. More than I expected. I went on to do my Saturday things, but this morning I woke up tired. Equal parts excited and anxious. 

BunBun was there. BunBun has always been there. 

BunBun and I met sometime in 1972. As kids do, I came to assign certain powers to BunBun, specifically as I experienced and internalize (mostly irrational) fears. BunBun helped me process those fears, but I also manifested them through him. It’s still uncomfortable to revisit my worries of BunBun falling into the bay and being swept out to sea. But nothing bad has ever happened to BunBun (other than his ears coming off). 

Physically, BunBun and I have been apart. We no longer vacation together, and he spent a decade in my closet when I worried what others might think of him. But as a spiritual construct, BunBun and I have never been apart. And we’re ready to take on the next half-century. 

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