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The weight.

2020 was heavy. So heavy, it didn’t start until March and still lasted 16 months (and counting?) Is it over yet? I suppose that depends on where and who you are.

As peak summertime approaches, I’m thinking about shedding some weight.

I’m not talking about my covid-15. I look great. You look great. A beach body is a body at the beach. All that. I’m talking about the cosmic, spiritual weight we all put on in 2020. Individually and Collectively. Alone together. 

What does a cosmic weight-loss regimen look like? 

I have no clue, but here’s what I’m going to try:

  • Forest bathing: I just heard about this, and it’s as great as it sounds. No nakedness required (but you do you). Just go into the forest or a field or mountain or any kind of nature and bathe in the awesomeness.  
  • Consume less, enjoy more: This, of course, is what I should be doing all the time. But looking at our 2020 spending, we bought a lot less crap and got a lot more enjoyment out of what we did buy. 
  • Don’t stop stopping: There are a lot of things I stopped doing in 2020. Some, I’m happily restarting: playing hockey and live music, attending theatre and museums. Some things I’m not going to stop stopping: wearing belts, attending rubber-chicken fundraising events, driving to the office every day. 

So get out there, re-enter at your own pace and take a load off. 

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