New Jersey Liberty Bell replica
New Jersey Liberty Bell replica

New Jersey Liberty Bell replica

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The New Jersey Liberty Bell can be found in Perth Amboy. The building in the background is the oldest City Hall in continuous use in the United States. It was built during 1714-1717 or 1718, burned in a fire in 1731 and rebuilt again in 1745. It was again burned in 1765 or 1766, and rebuilt in once again in 1767.

Date of Visit: January 3, 2012
Location: City Hall Circle, located at 260 High Street, at the intersection of High and Market Streets.


  1. E. Narianne Massie

    Good afternoon. First thank you for this blog. I am participating in a motorcycle adventure with these Liberty Bells as a part. I make reference to your list on a regular since I couldn’t get on from the museum in Allentown, where I live . I recently visited this NJ bell an instantly noticed there was no surface crack. However(shame on me) I didn’t look for a serial number either. Might this bell be one post the originals. I was very impressed by the Blue Star Mothers designation.

    1. Tom Campbell

      Narianne, Thanks for your comment. I love that you guys are hunting bells. They are a lot more concentrated on the east coast, so you’re off to a good start. The bell in Perth Amboy is definitely one of the 57 1950 bells. Yeah, the folks at the museum in Allentown are great, but the website could be more up to date. I enjoyed our visit there a few years ago. I’d love to see photos you took of this bell and any others you see. I’d love to write an article on the scavenger hunt. Happy bell hunting!

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