New York Liberty Bell replica

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The Liberty Bell replica in Albany NY is located inside the State Education Building across the street from the Capitol. You need to schedule a tour to see the bell up close, but some very nice guards let us in and gave us a quick look around.

Everyone we met in Albany was exceedingly nice. It’s a beautiful town. It looks like 1968’s take on the city of the future built on top of 1768’s take on the city of the future.

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  1. Edith Massie says:

    Hey Tom, earlier this week I visited the Bell in Albany. The guard there was very nice and escorted me to the Bell. Also I now know where to look for the representative number and actually took a pic of that too. Fascinating
    Edith Massie Melting Pot #42

    1. Tom Campbell says:

      Edith, Thanks for sharing. Are you saying the NY bell is #42? We had the same experience in Albany. Can you send me the photo you took,

  2. Edith Massie says:

    I will send you a pic. No this bell has a number 17 on it. My tour number is 42. I will email you my bells. This past week I picked up Minnesota. It actually is at the front of the Va building. This tour limits me to acquiring 10 bells, I now have 9. The tour doesn’t prevent me visiting others.

  3. Alex balish says:

    We just visited this bell and your directions were great. We have 8 down.

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