Other Liberty Bell locations
Other Liberty Bell locations

Other Liberty Bell locations

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100+ Liberty Bell replicas

Not long into my quest to visit and tell the stories of the 57 U.S .Treasury Liberty Bell replicas, I started getting tips about other Liberty Bells. To date, I’ve found at least 100 other Liberty Bell replicas across the United States and around the world. These are some of their stories. To make this list, bells must be full-size and cast intentionally as working replicas. Excluded are sculptures, mini-bells, half-size bells, bells made out of any non-bronze materials and bells metaphorically considered the Liberty Bells of their respective regions.

Other Liberty Bell Replicas

If you have photos or other information about any of these Liberty Bells or bells not on this list, please comment and let me know.


  1. Robert Fletcher

    I have photos of a Liberty Bell in Frankfort NY on the park between East Canal street and Pleasant Ave. It was placed for the 1976 Centennial.
    I will forward the digital photos on request.

    1. Tom Campbell

      Thanks for the comment, and I’m glad you found the site. Golly, I jumbled all of those letters, didn’t I? Potacello sounds like Thomas Jerrerson’s potato farm. I’ve fixed it now.

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