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Reflections on a week at sea.

A week ago, I shipped my first of 30 daily essays as part of Ship30for30.

I’ve had some fun, lost some sleep, found some internet friends and cranked out more words in less time than I’m comfortable with. 

Here are my takeaways from week one:

Follow the rules, then push it. I’m a pragmatist and a good citizen, so I like to abide. I’m also a graphic designer, so I gave up wanting online text to be an image around 1997. A week of posting images of text to Twitter hasn’t changed my mind. And that’s fine.  

Change the channel. Twitter, the official channel for this endeavor, has offered a decent feedback loop of fellow Shippers. But I’ve also posted to my blog, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Each channel provides different data and feedback, and it’s all been helpful. 

Meaningful engagement is all that matters. My posts have not achieved virality (or double-digit Twitter likes), but I’ve connected in meaningful ways with friends, family and colleagues. That’s more than enough fuel to get me through the next three weeks.   

I write for me (read that in the voice of Drago from Rocky IV). I’m less (not at all) interested in building my personal brand on Twitter or testing what people like to read about and writing more of that than I am about putting my thoughts out there. But I like it when you read.  

I like it when you read. Thanks for reading.

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