The 57 U.S. Treasury Liberty Bell replicas
The 57 U.S. Treasury Liberty Bell replicas

The 57 U.S. Treasury Liberty Bell replicas

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The 57 U.S. Treasury Liberty Bell replicas

See the map and the table below for information on and locations of the 57 full-size U.S. Treasury Liberty Bell replicas. Click the links for the full story. This is an ongoing project. To date, I’ve seen 31 of the 57. There are also at least 100 Liberty Bell replicas in addition to these. Here is a list of additional Liberty Bell replica locations.

*The serial numbers on the list I started working with are not all accurate. Asterisks indicate numbers I’ve verified, either personally or through photos. If you can verify or correct any of the numbers, please comment and let me know.

Liberty Bell Replica Locations: The 57 U.S. Treasury Bells

Also, check out the Liberty Bell Replica Facebook page created by the Brock family. They have been helpful in confirming and correcting serial numbers.


  1. Heidi Peters

    Tom! We love all the information on this website. I have traveled with my children to many states over the past 3 years, and for each new state, we try to locate the liberty bell replica and take photos. We were in Juneau Alaska in 2019, but I didn’t take a photo of the back side of the bell. Shame on me. However, some friends were there today and sent me photos in attempt to confirm #2… but there was NO NUMBER on the bell located outside the state capitol building!!! I’d love to send you the pictures. Any idea why?

    1. Tom Campbell

      Thanks for the kind words, it’s always nice to meet a fellow bell hunter. We just saw our 30th and will get #31 next week. I’d love to see any photos you have. You can send them to [email protected]. Not every bell has the prominent, raised serial number (no idea why). Some are a little harder to find. This article has some good photos of the different serial number placement. Maybe if your friends are still there they can go back and look for the stealthy number!

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