The 57 U.S. Treasury Liberty Bell replicas
The 57 U.S. Treasury Liberty Bell replicas

The 57 U.S. Treasury Liberty Bell replicas

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The 57 U.S. Treasury Liberty Bell replicas

See the map and the table below for information on and locations of the 57 full-size U.S. Treasury Liberty Bell replicas. Click the links for the full story. This is an ongoing project. To date, I’ve seen 34 of the 57. There are also at least 100 Liberty Bell replicas in addition to these. Here is a list of additional Liberty Bell replica locations.

*The serial numbers on the list I started working with are not all accurate. Asterisks indicate numbers I’ve verified, either personally or through photos. If you can verify or correct any of the numbers, please comment and let me know.

Liberty Bell Replica Locations: The 57 U.S. Treasury Bells

Also, check out the Liberty Bell Replica Facebook page created by the Brock family. They have been helpful in confirming and correcting serial numbers.


  1. Heidi Peters

    Tom! We love all the information on this website. I have traveled with my children to many states over the past 3 years, and for each new state, we try to locate the liberty bell replica and take photos. We were in Juneau Alaska in 2019, but I didn’t take a photo of the back side of the bell. Shame on me. However, some friends were there today and sent me photos in attempt to confirm #2… but there was NO NUMBER on the bell located outside the state capitol building!!! I’d love to send you the pictures. Any idea why?

    1. Tom Campbell

      Thanks for the kind words, it’s always nice to meet a fellow bell hunter. We just saw our 30th and will get #31 next week. I’d love to see any photos you have. You can send them to [email protected]. Not every bell has the prominent, raised serial number (no idea why). Some are a little harder to find. This article has some good photos of the different serial number placement. Maybe if your friends are still there they can go back and look for the stealthy number!

  2. Chris

    Please note that we are having one cast for display at my university – Houston Baptist University in Houston, Texas. The school is building a classroom building modeled after Independence Hall and the bell will be displayed in the lobby. Apparently its cast from the same mold as the treasury bell replicas and being shipped from France.

    1. Tom Campbell

      Dr. Hammons,

      Thanks for the tip. I had not heard about your project. That’s exciting, and congratulations. In my hunt for Liberty Bells, I’ve learned of a number of Independence Hall replicas: Dallas Baptist University, The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI, Knott’s Berry Farm (where the National Treasure movie was filmed), and even a mini-mall in Wilmington, DE. I’d love to visit them all.

      Texas definitely holds the record for most Liberty Bell replicas. Your’s will be #8 (at least).

      Paccard makes beautiful bells, and I’m sure it will bring much joy and patriotic fervor to your campus. Please keep me posted on the bell’s expected arrival date. I’d love to see photos and any other info. There is nothing like the shine on a newly-cast bell!

      — Tom

  3. John Tracy

    Just heard on KCOZ radio that there is a Liberty Bell at College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, MO, just 2 mi south of Branson Missouri. Can you confirm? That would be three in Missouri alone.

    1. Tom Campbell

      Thanks for the tip. I can confirm. I found some photos but not much other info. Based on the condition and lettering, my best guess is the bell was cast by Whitechapel around 1976.

    1. Tom Campbell

      Linda, Thanks for the info. I’ve updated this page and added more info Julie Kemper shared with me to the Kentucky page. I’m hoping the necessary resources can be allocated to the bell’s restoration and that it returns to public display soon.

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  6. Tony Gilbert

    Saw a post on Traces of Texas Facebook page today about “the only true uncracked replica” in Liberty, Texas. Thought it was cool and googled more about Liberty Bell replicas and found your page. Gonna have to keep these other locations on my radar when traveling now.

    Link to the post:
    Also a Youtube video from when it arrived in Houston:

    I’ve also seen a replica in Grand Prairie, Texas:

    1. Tom Campbell

      Thanks for writing, and glad you found the site. Your state is home to more Liberty Bell replicas than any other, as far as I know. I’ve been wanting to learn more and write about the Liberty Liberty Bell, and your message inspired me. Check out my story on the sisters of Liberty.

      As for the “only true uncracked replica” claim, it wasn’t the first replica, but it was the first cast by Whitechapel, where the original original was cast — in the same mold pit and with the same tools and specifications as the original, so there is some credibility there. They have since cast close to two dozen replicas just like the one in Liberty, so it’s no longer one-of-a-kind. But it does have a provenance like no other. Fascinating stuff.


  7. Michael Swanson

    The West Virginia Liberty Bell is now not available to view there is extensive construction and repairs on the capital grounds , The bell is there but covered by a large plywood box , I was told this could be a couple of years . I was there last Wednesday and pretty disappointed

    1. Tom Campbell

      Thanks for the tip. That sucks. I’m sorry you were not able to see the bell. Shockingly, states don’t always update me when they mothball their bells :). I’ve updated the site.

    1. Tom Campbell

      Mario, Thanks for the comment. I’m in the process of documenting and confirming the serial number on each of the bells. Some are prominent, and some are a little harder to find. I’ve yet to confirm 2, 50, 55 and 56. So the DC bell could be any of those numbers. I think someone in Japan with a scope would be able to determine the serial number.

  8. Jerald Garner


    Around 15 years ago there was a bell replica mounded on a trailer that was in parades, traveled around for display, etc. I saw it in Garland, Texas at that time. Do you know where that bell is now or anything about it?


    Jerald Garner
    Denton, Texas

    1. Tom Campbell

      Thanks for the comment. I think you likely saw David Hall’s Liberty Bell & Law memorial. The Ten Commandments were added at some point in the tour, so they might not have been part of the display you saw. Click the link to read the full story. Pretty fascinating.

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